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Currently piercing the charts with the speed of light and expected to enter TOP 100 of DJANE soon!

More than happy to welcome our first female ON THE ROW. ZOYA is a name that stands high on the Trance music stage around the world. Being a young girl, she had immense interest in music culture, which led her to studying opera and piano at the Music Academy at her hometown Plovdiv. At age of 19, ZOYA leaves Bulgaria to face a great adventure around the world, embracing the bohemian lifestyle of music, working and travelling. Living and working in places like Miami, Dublin and Nice and travelled in more than 40 countries, ZOYA constantly learning, gaining experience and inspiration, using a bit of a culture from each country into her music. “I am lucky to have the opportunity to travel around the world and be cultural aware, gaining experience and type of musical customs and traditions specific for each country. This helps me not only with my musical career. I always had the music inside, yet the travelling gave me a new horizon in front of me.” In 2013, ZOYA fell in love with the electronic music and from that moment on, she knew it was her thing – the music closest to her heart, feeling and vibes.

A singer, songwriter, producer and a number one female DJ in Bulgaria, nowadays she lives in Sofia, when she is not travelling and she does that a lot. “Monaco is my favourite destination I have been to, while in Nice I made several of the most precious memories I still have. If you ask me about my most preferred club, it must be Theatro Marrakech – a massive club on three floors, producing magnificent and stunning electronic music spectacles, attracting not only your hearing, but all your other senses as well. It was the most emotional place I have ever played at in front of a big crowd – the perfect party, friends, dancing, sensation, thrills and shivers going through my spine, when I hear a new song I like. The Trance music buffs with a bizarre emotion, which ascends me to another level. I felt it on the first night I went to a Trance party, back when I was in Amsterdam.”Honoured of the ability to learn and grow into an industry mainly consisting of men, ZOYAis proudly flying the flag for the upcoming female DJs and music producers! If you consider booking her this year, let it be after October, since she is fully booked till then, while leaving some time for producing as well.

Her discography includes tracks such as: Oceans Away, Vision, Walking Into Heaven, In My Mind, ELF and many others, some of them being signed with major labels like Armada. Aside from the numerous volumes ZOYA has produced, look aside towards her radio show Ultimate Energy. You can listen to the newest Trance hits in her show at Trance Energy Radio from 16:00 GMT. “Earlier last year the radio owner connected with me after listening to one of my music sets. After producing a special mix for the radio, I got invited to run my own show every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. I was really flattered, as this is the third most popular radio for Trance music globally and is piercing through the charts, going up.” ZOYA is aiming to meet the hardships in her career, setting aims and working day and night on them till their fulfilment. “I do not know what the future would bring me, but I am happy with what I chose as my professional path. There are hard moments indeed, but if it was easy, it would had been boring and a big demotivation for me. Still I try to meet and talk with bright and cheerful people, which helps me to stay positive in any endeavour.” ZOYA’s main love would always be the Trance music and her current dream and aim is to play on a big festival stage in front of thousands of people on New Year’s Eve (Also her Birthday).


Keep a wide open eye on ZOYA and her fresh presenting, prismatic, and positive uploads, and projects, as she is looking to be the new face of the global EDM stage. To support her cause be the one to vote for her at DJANETOP and boost her to the TOP 100 in the world… not far away from her current position. If you do not know where would you be on New Year…stay tuned with ZOYA, as we are positive that her current dream is not far from now!