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Not long ago we sat down with the beautiful and talented ZOYA for a chat about the release of her tune ‘In My Mind’, and she told us she was launching a remix contest for it.

So we were curious to know how it all went down after a while and this is what she said:

“The response to my contest has been overwhelming, I received a lot of great material, it was hard to choose and in the end, 3 remixes won and I picked the deep house remix version to shoot a music video. The remix is done by Anagramma”

A simple reply but with so much flair nestled in it.

For those of you who are not familiar with this artist, let us tell you that ZOYA is not just a stunning young woman, but a complete artist who works really hard to stand out. She’s a dj, a producer, a model,  a music influencer and much more!

And as we always say, hard work pays off in the end, because her video got over 30 000 views for less than a week on YouTube.

So let’s indulge in it and let us know your thoughts.