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Bulgarian producer/vocalist ZOYA delivers a terrific trance release, which is the ideal way to kick off a melodic journey. With its rising beats and nostalgic melodies, 'Scars' will give your heart the angelic touch you need to experience magnificent vibes, bringing to your ears the purest high-quality vocals that pave your way to a land of endless aesthetic and prodigious emotions.




So many things steal me away 
Till Im a hundred miles beyond change 
Well addiction sets in and I become someone I can't tame 
I want less of the same 
But you shelter these holes in my heart 
Because  you know I have fallen so hard 
Im broken and fallen apart
Still you are here
Embracing my scars 
Still you are here 
Emracing my scars (2)


ZOYA-Scars (Original mix)

We are delighted to present 'Scars', the marvelous debut release of ZOYA on Abora Recordings